Financial Management


PhD Luís Pimentel

A Master’s Degree in Financial Management gives students an education which is advanced and innovative while being demanding and professional in character to promote critical competencies in the area of finance. Competencies acquired through in-depth studies and works developed during the course will be a worthwhile asset for the efficient functioning and the sustainable growth of companies.

The speed at which National and International economic activities are changing raises, unequivocally, new challenges that demand clear understanding and efficacious performance in different entrepreneurial functions.

Teaching staff associated with the programme combine scientific rigor with their vast experience and expertise in business and company consultancy so that the Master’s Degree in Financial Management is of solid preparation and value in both technical and professional terms.


Evening classes

Duration / Credits

2 years (4 semesters) / 120 ECTS

The objectives of the Master’s in Financial Management are:

  • Analysis of the profitability and financial stability of companies in their current and expansion activities
  • Integrated treasury management with the view to optimise cash flow as well as to control credits risks.
  • Analysis / discussion on the procedures leading to organic growth through investment decisions and the possibilities of external growth through mergers and acquisitions
  • Analysis of financial resources available in financial markets in the short and long term to obtain a capital structure to optimise cost
  • Financial Management of investment projects
  • Analysis, discussion and application of financial instruments in such as way as to manage risk that companies are subject to in the performance of their activities
  • Handle financial problems arising from internationalisation

To students attending Masters’ programme in Financial Management, Graduates of Management/Business, Economics, Accountancy and other recognised courses which would allow them to complete a Master’s Degree Programme.

Discipline ECTS
1st Semester
Financial Management 6
Analysis of Organisation Performance 3
Accounting & Management Control 6
International Finance 6
Data Analysis for Financial Management 6
Accountancy 3
2nd Semester
Strategy & Company Financing 6
Mergers, Acquisitions, & Restructuration of Companies 6
Financial Risks of Companies & Financial Instruments for Risk Management 6
Management of Projects, Entrepreneurship & Financing 6
Seminar on Investigation 6
3rd & 4th Semester
Dissertation/ Project or Internship 60


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