Message from The President of the Group

Manuel de Almeida Damásio

Presidente do Conselho de Administração do Grupo Lusófona e da Ensinus – Estudos Superiores, S.A.

The integration of the ISG | Business & Economics Group School in Lusophone comes fully contribute to the consolidation of Grupo Lusófona in training senior managers and creating stronger links with the business world, offering them highly skilled professionals.

Within its mission, ISG, to position itself as the School Management Group Lusófona, your goals should focus on creating business values and training offer the highest level, both in postgraduate training and executive either in offering specializations that meet the real needs of national and international companies, in light of the ongoing globalization process.

The educational project of the ISG | Business & Economics School integrates one of the largest projects in education and training emerged from within civil society in contemporary Portugal, Lusophone Group. Today, this project goes beyond the borders of our country and is echoed in similar educational initiatives in Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and Angola, the ISG can, while School of Management, train managers to help meet the needs of Portuguese Language Countries and assist it to develop the economic and financial capacity of their countries. And therefore could not fail to point out that currently more than 25,000 students attend the 22 countries in various educational institutions that comprise the “Group Lusófona” scattered throughout various speaking countries.

The educational project of the ISG | Business & Economics School to join the Group Lusófona not limited in its objectives of contributing to a quality higher education, this project is that and more, it symbolizes a wish through education, training and scientific research contribute to the creation of the business landscape values through this process and create a fairer society and developed.

Create Values for Management and social development make our school a project management and corporate social impulse, completely paired with the educational project Lusófona Group, becoming smaller and often ridiculous issues that affect the reality of higher education in Portugal . The educational project of the Group missions and Lusophone has clear goals and achievements and proven ISG came to make these missions and objectives and consolidated stronger.

In the future as in the past will continue to contribute to Portugal and all Portuguese speaking countries overcome the difficulties that so often block the wealth and achieve cultural, scientific and economic information that everyone wants and certainly deserve.

Manuel de Almeida Damásio

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group and Lusophone Ensinus – Higher Education, SA



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